So Very Helpful!

I first met Michael and Marilyn by chance. I had worked with several other realtors that I could never get a hold of when I wanted to see a house. I still can’t explain how I was trying to call the realtor selling a house I wanted to look at and by fate I ended up talking to Marilyn. She was prompt and scheduled a showing in the same day.

I then got to meet Michael who had a packet of information about the property ready with a smile. Marilyn and Michael were so very helpful in the process of buying a home. From searching the foundation for cracks and mold to providing me with all information of maintenance and updates on each home we looked at.

They put me in touch with my Inspector and Mortgage Broker. They took their time, got to know me, and asked what my desires in a house would be. Marilyn e-mailed me several different homes in the locations I wanted. We looked at 3 different houses together and they were available to communicate with me any time I needed them through the process.

The contract was the scariest part. Marilyn read through every section and explained what the real-estate lingo meant. Micheal protected my finances by putting a warranty in the agreement, negotiated with the seller to fix certain issues, and used precise verbiage to cover closing expenses for my family and I. Marilyn was with me during my inspection and asked important questions pertaining to my family’s needs.

This was my first home buying experience and of course it was stressful. Thankfully it was comforting to have Michael and Marilyn in my corner. On the final day they were by my side as I signed for my home and gave me an awesome house warming gift.

I have contacted them several times for minor questions ranging from what gas company I needed to set up an account with to who I need to call when I had questions about my furnace. Michael doesn’t even live in the area, but found out for me who provides heat in the new town that I live in. Marilyn quickly provided me with a phone number and name to contact about my heat.

They have reminders set up on their calendar for years in the future to remind me when I need to contact my bank about my private mortgage insurance. They were absolutely fabulous and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a home!

— Nicole C., Blair, NE