6 Steps to Home-Buying

1.  Choose a Real Estate Agent that will listen to you and have your best interest at heart. 

2. Meet with a Lender to determine your Purchasing Power in today’s market.  Then you will be ready to make a solid offer.  

3.  View Homes with your Real Estate Agent.  We will save you time, money, and frustration by finding homes that fit your Needs Analysis.  

4.  Make Your Offer.  We will help you make a solid offer based on the current market, condition, and location of the property.  We will also provide you with a Buyer’s Estimated Cost Sheet, to budget for Closing Costs and monthly mortgage payments.  

5.  Get Inspection and Negotiate Repairs.  We can recommend a reliable, trusted Home Inspector.  And negotiate with the Seller to complete necessary repairs.

6.  Final Review of Contract and Close!  We will schedule a Final Walk-Through, and Closing with your Title Company.